Hijaluronska kiselina

The primary function of hyaluronic acid is to trap water inside tissue cells, keeping your skin moisturized. We use hyaluronic acid to promote skin health and fight signs of aging, to plump fine lines and improve the skin contour.

Using all range of modern cosmetic treatments we can perform natural face-lifting – eliminate “cavities”, “holes” and sagging, give the skin elasticity and radiance. To achieve these goals we use all the effective modifications of the Hyaluronic Acid molecule.

There are several types of hyaluronic acid depending on their density:

Fillers and Volumizers – PRINCESS Filler, Volume, RESTYLANE, RESTYLANE Perlane, Lip, TEOSYAL, etc. Once they enter the skin they push out the tissues from the inside and instantly restore the volume that is lost in our skin. The most common places to receive dermal fillers are the lips, the lines that form around your mouth and nose, cheekbones, under eyes, the forehead, the temples, and the jawline. The effect of this treatment is immediate and long-lasting, up to 1 year.

Skin Boosters is a multi-session skin rejuvenation treatment. Skin Boosters moisturize from within, stimulate collagen growth and provide long-lasting hydration to the areas treated. Results can be expected to last in the skin for around 6 months. For best results, we recommend the headliner RESTYLANE Skin boosters Vital.

Biorevitalization – hyaluronic acid provides skin with water and integrates into circulation processes hence revitalizing it. It eliminates fine wrinkles and fights skin sagging prolonging the filler effect. For best results we recommend: PRINCESS Rich and STYLAGE Hydra.

Bioreparation  is improved Biorevitalization. It is the latest skin rejuvenation technique and its main goal is to return the youth of the skin in a natural way. Its effectiveness is enhanced by peptides, vitamins, coenzymes, amino acids, and minerals. For best results, we recommend AQUASHINE and TEOSYAL Redensity lines.

It is important to make sure the person providing your treatment has been properly trained and has experience treating the desired area.