Body contouring, or body sculpting (non-surgical liposuction), can eliminate fat, shape areas of the body, and tighten skin. Our specialists use only the latest technology, equipment, and various massage techniques.
Our consultants will develop an individual treatment plan suitable for your body type.

The Vecom Body Sculpture Machine is a new generation of body sculpting systems using natural technologies that enhance the body’s existing functions. It was invented in 2021 by Vecom Srbija, the company which has been producing professional equipment for SPAs and beauty centers in Europe and the Balkans for 20 years.
The Vecom Body Sculpture Machine uses 5 of the most proven key technologies to integrate substances into the body, fight cellulite and tighten the skin.

  • Ultrasound cavitation
  • Vacuum therapy
  • Massage rollers that automatically change the direction of rotation when the skin area is suctioned by vacuum
  • Bipolar radio wave lifting
  • Laser therapy

The combination of these 5 treatments reduces cellulite, firms skin, contours waist, arms, and legs, evens tone, targets localized fat deposits, and doesn’t leave them any chance to stay in your body.

Our specialists select the most effective and fastest scheme of cosmetic procedures for clients with their individual features, so the effect is already noticeable after the 1st procedure.

SofiaMed Beauty Salon in Bar guarantees the best quality of the beauty industry services in Montenegro!  Body contouring and slimming techniques in Montenegro from the exceptional professionals in this field! Stop time with us!

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