Biorevitalization is an injection of native hyaluronic acid and is optimal method of suppression the marks of ageing.

One of the most effective and modern biorevitalization treatments is Princess® RICH.  Princess® RICH is a gel implant, containing a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid that is stabilized by glycerol, a natural moisturizer that retains water and preserves hydration and improves tonus and elasticity of the skin.

The procedure: Our cosmetologist cleanses the face, neck and décolleté area, applies anesthetic cream Emla for 30-40 minutes and performs the procedure. After that the soothing mask is applied on treated area.

For optimal results and long-term rejuvenating effect, it is recommended that Princess® RICH should be used in 2-4 sessions, every 3 weeks and then repeated in 6 months.

Dr.Natalya Shurayeva PhD in cosmetology and physical medicine.

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