What are Milk_Shake hair treatments?

Milk_shake offers a professional selection of intensive hair care treatments that harness the power of natural ingredients including milk proteins, honey, organic argan oil and Muru Muru butter to rehydrate, restore and improve hair integrity. Each individual application will improve the internal structure of the hair and the health of the entire hair, as well as promote shine and vitality.

1.Milk_Shake Integrity treatment.

Do you have such damaged hair and are you sure that only scissors are the solution?

You’re mistaken because our team at the Sofiamed Beauty Center in Bar, Montenegro has a solution – Milk_Shake Integrity intensive treatment for the reconstruction and recovery of severely damaged, dyed and chemically treated hair.

The treatment consists of 3 stages of applying preparations, which deeply nourish the hair’s core with natural ingredients: milk proteins, amino acids and natural keratin. After the first hair treatment with Milk_Shake Integrity, you get healthy, hydrated and soft hair full of volume, prevent split ends, and get a wonderful shine and an irresistible coconut scent. In our Sofiamed beauty center in Bar, Montenegro, we perform Milk_Shake Integrity recovery to make our dear clients satisfied with the result and looking at the incomparable beauty of their hair with delight.

2. Milk_Shake make my day treatment.

Express hair treatment Milk_Shake Make my day is based on milk proteins with a great fruity scent. It has an intensive effect on all types of hair, restoring its strength, elasticity, softness and shine. It is divided into 3 types of treatment for each problem:

  • Strawberry for regeneration and nourishment of fine or chemically treated hair
  • Blueberry to protect and strengthen dyed or light hair
  • Papaya for moisturizing and giving shine to rough, dry hair

The right combination of active ingredients guarantees unprecedented softness, even with frequent washing.

Come for a consultation with us and we will carefully choose and implement the right treatment for your hair type.

Beauty center Sofiamed in Bar, Montenegro.