Thalgo (comes from “Thalassotherapy” and “Algae”) was created in 1964. It was the first laboratory specializing in skincare products based on algae and marine extracts, intended for the medical world and thalassotherapy centers.

Thalgo has always combined efficacy and well-being. Led by experts in phyto and dermo-cosmetology and pharmaceuticals and with a range of highly effective products, Thalgo is now one of the world leaders in the face and body skincare.

With a fabulous selection of nutrient and mineral-rich spa and beauty products from the vast marine underworld, Thalgo allows you to choose a product for any age and any type of skin – including problematic, dry, sensitive, combination, pigmented, and aged skin.

Each Thalgo product is a real elixir of youth and beauty. You can be guaranteed that Thalgo skincare is a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance.
Active ingredients of algae cells, processed by the unique patented “micro-burst” technology and enclosed in talgosomes, are delivered into the deep layers of the skin, nourishing and saturating it with microelements, vitamins, and proteins.

Sofiamed provides facial treatments for all age groups with any skin issues. A wide range of our treatments is customized to your individual skin needs. Using a unique Thalgo line based on silicon, oxygen, collagen, algae, and hyaluronic acid we hydrate and replenish dry/very dry, tired, and atonic skin, smooth the fine lines, and treat broken capillaries and redness.
Facials include massages and instrumental treatments with ampoules, serums, sea concentrates, and alginate collagen masks with active substances. All Thalgo products have a pleasant natural texture with a slight scent of algae and sea plants and contain no artificial coloring or fragrances.
For the best results, you can buy Thalgo homecare in small packages from the same lines that we use in the salon: Hydra Marin, Kolagen, Hyaluron, Silicium, Cold Marin, Spiruline, Hyalu-Procollagen, and others.

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