Permanent eyeliner or lash line enhancement is the perfect way to have professionally applied eye liner, 24 hours a day.

Lash line enhancement adds definition and color to your lash line to create the appearance of thicker lashes. Permanent eyeliner can enhance and widen your eye and give a brighter appearance.

The most famous procedure is upper and lower eyeliner. It adds depth and definition to the eyes. The pigment is added above the lashes on the top and below the lashes on the bottom. Eyeliner procedure creates a smooth, flawless line.

SofiaMed Beauty Salon in Bar guarantees the best quality of the beauty industry services in Montenegro! Permanent eye makeup in Montenegro from the exceptional professionals in this field! Stop time with us!

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Dr.Natalya Shurayeva, PhD in cosmetology and physical medicine is the leading cosmetologist, chief executive and founder of SofiaMed Beauty Salon.