Косметолог-эстетист Женя Логунова

Lagunova Evgenia is a certified aesthetic cosmetologist with 7 years of experience.

Graduated from Arkhangelsk State Medical University with high medical degree in 2009.

Graduated from professional retraining faculty (ASMU) in 2010.

Graduated and trained at the Moscow massage schools and at advanced cosmetology courses.

Aesthetic cosmetology is a system of treatments that focus on prevention of ageing and improving cosmetic appearance without surgeries and serious medical interventions.

The result of the aesthetic cosmetology is fast and evident – tighten face contour, radiant and smooth skin all over the body reached by means of modern cosmetology methods, treatments and tools. Thanks to the soft, but effective impact on problem zones, you see the first positive changes practically at once. At the same there is no long term recovery and you don’t have to be afraid of complications.

_DSC3755Aesthetic cosmetology highlights your natural beauty, by maintaining and improving your skin appearance.

There are the following aesthetic cosmetology procedures offered by our Beauty Salon:

– hair removal

– eyelashes tint and extension

– eyebrows tint and correction

– apparatus cosmetology

The effect of these procedures, performed by our high level professionals, extends all your expectations.





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“Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)»

  • Facial Cleansing and Treatment


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

  • Customized Facial Treatment (peeling, cleansing, nourishment)


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

  • Ultrasonic facial peeling and cleansing


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

  • After peels rehabilitation program


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

  • Face and décolleté area mask


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

  • Winter rejuvenation program (7 procedures)


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

  • Fruit peel


    “Holy Land” Professional Skin Care (Israel)

“THALGO” Professional Skin Care (France)

  • Facial Treatment (Deep Moisturizing)


    Piling morskih kristala, masaža lica s morskim nektarom, alginatna maska

  • Collagen Treatment/ Cooling Treatment With Sea Minerals


    piling morskih kristala, masaža lica s morskim nektarom, kolagen /hladna maska

  • Lifting Effect Treatment


    Piling morskih kristala, masaža sa aplikaciom aktivnih sastojka (silicium, morski serum i dr.), gipsova maska za modeliranije

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Dr. Natalya Shurayeva, PhD in cosmetology and physical medicine is the leading cosmetologist, chief executive and founder of SofiaMed Beauty Salon.