Our address: Montenegro, Bar, Bulevar 24-Novembra F-13 (near the Cathedral in Bar) Tel. 069 145 551.

For full information on our site: www.sofiamed.me

How to find us:

Montenegro, Bar, Bulevar 24-Novembra F-13

Winter season (1.11 – 31.03)


Monday – Friday 11.00-17.00

Saturday 11.00-15.00

Summer season


Monday – Friday 10.00-19.00

Saturday 11.00-15.00

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SofiaMed Beauty Salon in Bar offers an extensive range of high level treatments in any beauty industry area!
Dr. Natalya Shurayeva, PhD in cosmetology and physical medicine is the leading cosmetologist, chief executive and founder of SofiaMed Beauty Salon.