Classic massage releases all the blocking in our bodies that prevent energy flow through. It separates into different techniques that were improved throughout the years, to be able to give an intense and thoroughly great experience. This is a full body massage with the focus on your arms, back, neck and chest area.

Classic massage covers almost every body part, therefore it has a beneficial effect on general wellbeing, it improves the circulation, relaxes any muscle tension and has a positive effect on the nerve system, especially vegetative nerve system.

SofiaMed Beauty Salon in Bar guarantees the best quality of the beauty industry services in Montenegro! Classical Massage in Montenegro from the exceptional professionals in this field! Stop time with us!

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Инъекционная косметология
Перманентный татуаж
Маникюр и педикюр

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Dr. Natalya Shurayeva, PhD in cosmetology and physical medicine is the leading cosmetologist, chief executive and founder of SofiaMed Beauty Salon.